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Kids Party Entertainment – When booking your kids entertainer, pay full attention to what services the entertainer offers, and make sure you know what you are paying for, here we look at a few simple ideas and questions to ask before you pay for the service.  These are some of the question you should ask, so there is no confusion when you run your kids party entertainment.    

Kids Party Entertainment – Will the entertainer perform throughout the party session?


This may seem like a simple question to ask, but if you are planning a 3-hour party, this is a long time for entertainers to keep the kids busy. If you plan to feed the children during the party, the entertainer may pause during this time.  So, be aware and ask….


Kids Party Entertainment – Can they provide a show for the age of your child?


Some kids entertainers specialize in younger age groups, things like puppet theater and costume might not be the perfect idea for older children. Various entertainers will offer different acts for children of different age groups. A good entertainer will be able to match and alter their show depending on the age of the children at your party but first ask to make sure what they intend to cover will be appropriate for your children.  Just to be on the safe side!!


Kids Party Entertainment – Does the entertainer have prizes?


Sometimes ‘prize money’ is all part of the fun for kids, so ask what kind of prize is given and what the child or group of kids would have to do to earn the prize. There is nothing worse when some children have become angry because others have received a prize than they have not done so, so ask what the plan is before hand. A simple sign of a gift from the entertainer can make the difference, a balloon model is always popular for kids at every party!!  Don’t be afraid to ask.


Kids Party Entertainment – How long is the Show?


Children entertainers vary their performances at almost every party, its just the business they are in!!  And it can depend heavily on the children’s response and interaction. Some have a rate of one hour or two, so check first to make sure you know what you’re getting for your money. You want to know that there is a set-start and finish for the party.


Kids Party Entertainment – Will they need help or do they have a helper with them?


If the entertainer is waiting to help you, then make sure you know this before the event. There is nothing worse, then plan to get ahead with something else while the kids will be entertaining just to find out that the mothers and dads are expected to help with the show.  So, ask if your entertainer will need help or not?


To summarise, the question you need to ask regarding kids party entertainment are:

  • Will the entertainer perform throughout the party session?
  • Can they provide a show for the age of your child?
  • Does the entertainer have prizes?
  • How long is the Show?
  • Will they need help or do they have a helper with them?

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Kids Party Entertainment
Kids Party Entertainment

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