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Magician – The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper!!!  Magic shows have always been exciting for the human eyes. Watching a little bit of miraculous heaven take place right in front of your eyes, is something we all look forward to and at the same time marvel at!  Right from the world of Harry Potter and Disney’s imaginary world, we have all wished for that wizard to move and make that magic happen!!

This is why our special team of magicians are trained to show you the time of your life, they are as passionate about Harry Potter and magic as young kids!! Our magicians’ magic tricks will take you straightaway to a magic world and immerse you and your audience in the experience completely.

Magician – The Audience

Magic shows are available for corporate events, private gatherings and celebrations.  The tricks are the ones you have never seen before and the execution will leave you wanting for more.  The Golden Events magic shows and gigs are tailor made, we deliver specific magician’s for a particular audience, venue and occasion.  We design special magician packages (and any add on entertainment) as per your need and you have the option to decide on what type of magic you want to create for your guests.  We listen to our valued customers.

Magician – The Entertainment Value

The tricks will leave your guests perplexed and mesmerized, the level of expertise and mesmerizing magic that our teams of magician’s carry is sure to leave you spell bound.


So, engage your audience, and make sure they have the best time of their life at your party or corporate event.  Don’t you want your party to be the talk of the town, make it stand out a little???!!!  .The entire   event will not only enthrall your audience but will also be interactive, where all the guests will be personally greeted and the spirit of the party will reach fever pitch!!! This is the magical way to break the ice amongst the guests and make sure everybody is connected to each other, a type of commonality, your audience will have something in common that they experienced and can talk about.


The magicians at Golden Events are highly regarded entertainers and many are regarded as the finest in the country.  Our magicians use their experience to create a dynamic and fresh atmosphere which is sure to leave your guests amazed and thrilled.  They are always adding new tricks to their show in order to stay current and innovative, all to ensure that your party or event is a raging success. If you are seeking a great magician or company to manage your party entertainment…..look no further than Golden Events….. see the contact us form on the right-hand menu and will call or email you to get further information about your event and provide you with a quotation, or call us direct on 01-5547280 to discuss your requirements and we will compose a tailored proposal to fit your budget.


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