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Corporate Events – Party Entertainment

We specialize in every type of corporate events both for large companies, gatherings and smaller groups. Studies have shown that work events are great for team building and socializing outside of work in order to build a more conducive and productive work environment. Having entertainment during a corporate event helps break the ice and loosen the atmosphere when meeting outside the work environment. We remove the stress associated with organising your corporate event and allow you to focus on your day to day functions and ultimately allow all staff to have a great time during the event.

Call us on 01-5547280 for ideas on how to create a fantastic event that will be talked about and remembered for a long time!

Christmas Parties

A Christmas party is the social highlight of beforehand and after. End the year with a great bang and create a party that will be the talk of the year. Whether it is an office party, a college or school event, a club/organization or any kind of Christmas Party event we will have the perfect party and entertainment for you.

We have long experience in organizing Christmas parties and take great pride in ensuring a fabulous festive season. Our team of professional and experienced event planners and entertainers will create events specifically tailored for Christmas Parties that will ensure the Christmas spirit at your event. We have numerous alternatives with regards to your event, so please give us a call on 01-5547280 and we will discuss ideas and your requirements.

Birthday Parties – Party Entertainment

A Special Birthday calls for a big celebration whether it is for a round number or not! It can be arranged by the celebrant or as a present for the celebrant. We have numerous entertainers to suit your event and create lasting lifelong memories.

Team Building

Are you looking to build your team into the fantastic team they deserve to be? Look no further. Golden Events specialize in creating the best and most memorable team building events. All our team building events and programs are tailored by professionals to meet the need of your company/group and the type of event to match! We cater for all groups, from large companies to smaller sports clubs. The secret to creating a great team building experience for any group is making sure the participants are engaged and are having fun together. We ensure great interaction within the group, whether it is creative, competitive or getting involved in a fantastic stage show. The interaction creates a positive environment which is great for team-building during the event and after. Team building has been proven to energize, motivate and develop a stronger, more productive and united work force, which will benefit any organization or group!


Your Wedding Day is one of the most memorable and important days of your life. We know that and therefore our wedding packages and wedding entertainment is top notch, and nothing is left to chance. We ensure a pleasurable, stress free and fantastic day for you and all your guests. Our wedding entertainers have catered for countless weddings throughout the years and the wedding activities that we offer work as a great icebreaker and talking point between the guests. For more information, you can also look under the tabs for each of the entertainers. We arrange everything from wedding bands to magicians to DJ’s to mention a few. All our staff are specifically trained within their particular area and have performed at countless weddings.

Family Days – Party Entertainment

Everyone from the young kids to the older family members will be catered for when we help you plan this special day. During family days’ memories are created which will last a lifetime. Enjoy the time you have together and see how everyone will love the day you have arranged. For idea for your family day, call us today on 01-5547280.

Parties - Anniversary/Retirement Parties, etc.

Just like the Family Days above, you can add something special to any type of party entertainment from anniversaries to retirement parties and more. Make this important day one to remember, call us today on 01-5547280.

Magicians – Party Entertainment

We have several award-winning magicians on board. Our magicians will provide great entertainment at your event. The magic is refreshing, dynamic and completely different. It works as a great icebreaker and talking point to any event. The mind-blowing tricks will amaze all your guests. The guests will be laughing and talking about Golden Events and our magicians for a very long time!

Interaction is part of the fun and the magic will happen right in your guests hands. Believe us, your guests will be shaking their heads and rubbing their eyes in disbelief! The magic will be tailored to your event, there are a few popular packages which includes both walk around and stage magic. Get in touch with us for suggestions for your event, call us today on 01-5547280.

Balloon Modellers

Kids of all ages love balloons! Our balloon modellers take balloons to the next level; this is an art form they take great pride in. Balloons are created into anything desired. A great colourful addition to any event!

Face Painters – Party Entertainment

Face painting is a fantastic entertainment for children's parties, fetes, festivals, promotional events, etc. It's great fun for all age groups and adds something special to any occasion. Our artists regular paint for shopping centres, festivals, fêtes, schools, birthday parties, and all sorts of private and public events, and they have a lot of experience in dealing with kids and in painting! We offer highly trained face painters with interactive personalities for your event. Painters bring all equipment, so again, you have nothing to worry about!

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